Stuck for a unique idea for your next corporate event or company function?

Goofy Booth would be delighted to help with your next corporate event and are great for:

  • Annual Christmas Party
  • Family Fun Day
  • Awards Presentation Evening
  • Promotional opportunity
  • Product Launch
  • Grand Openings

Make your guests more comfortable.

For some people it’s uncomfortable to have a photographer milling about poking a camera in everyone’s faces. The stiff backs, the wobbly grin, the concerned expressions… I’m sure you know the type of shots we’re talking about. People tend to feel more relaxed in front of a camera when it is hidden in a box.

Enclosed or Open Booth

Goofy Booth has two options for set up, the enclosed booth or the open air booth.

The Enclosed Booth is great for creating a fun atmosphere as people relax in the privacy of the booth. Many people hate photos so will be more likely to use the photo booth if it is enclosed.

An open air booth (Without the Booth Enclosure) requires less room to set up and are great for use with company event banners or posters as your photo backdrop. This adds more branding to your photos and helps share your message.

Either you can supply the banners or discuss with our clever Goofs about having us supply them for you.

Company Branded Photos

Goofy Booth is able to include your company branding, whether logo or company name, to the bottom of each photo strip that is printed. Have your guest leave your event with your brand in their hands!

At Goofy Booth we give you two options for the size of the photo strip, either 6in x 4in or 6in x 2in. With the 6in x 2in you get 2 copies. This can either allow you to keep a copy, or double your branding opportunity by giving your guests both. The more popular option for corporate events is the 6in x 4in as it gives you a larger area to display your message.

As an added bonus, you receive a copy of the images at the end of the event so you can use them for future marketing or company newsletters.

Book Goofy Booth for your Next Corporate Event

If you would like to benefit from the excitement of a photo booth at your next company function, contact us today.